LEG Business Plan

The Integral Business Plan of Latin Energy Group (LEG Business Plan) is based on the development of energy and industrial activities of the Oil Palm, with the main objective of American and European markets.

Within these activities we find the Bioenergy Forest development, enabling its Upstream, Middle and Downstream Activities, beginning with the planting of Palm Oil, the production of Palm Oil and its derivatives, used in the production and trading of GreenFuels XXL; counting on Technical Support, Technology Transfer, Biorefining and Transgenics, with cutting edge technology from Malaysia, First Producer of the World. It also includes the creation of River and Marine Energy Parks for the Storage of Hydrocarbons and Fuels Processing that contribute to the export and import from and to the countries of origin and destination.

The strategy of LEG Business Plan includes raising BioEnergyFund to the International Capital Market, through Reverse Takeover in Canada Stock Exchange, the AIM in London, England and Malaysia.

LEG Business Plan includes the social responsibility aspect, with emphasis on Job Creation, Renewal and Environmental Recovery, contributing to improving the quality of life of Planet Earth.