Latin Energy Group is a commercial independent group, actively involved in Oil, Gas, Coal, Petrocoke, BioFuel, Gold and other Minerals Industries.

In each company unit, there is an extensive experience in identifying opportunities, as in monitoring and completion of the business in both national and international levels.

We have a wide structure of goods and services not only in the completion of negotiations, but in the identification, acquisition, development, production, processing and marketing of all assets that belong to the organization.

For the management of oil and gas, we have an investment fund, which acts with an autonomous patrimony and it is responsible for the oil business. FondPetrol is registered in Colombia, and is a branch of Latin Energy Group.

Coal is also a business unit that Latin Energy Group develops through a commercial and production structure that allows the investments in the capital market.

Petrocoke represents an economically profitable business; with growing demand in which Latin Energy Group is also involved.

Other minerals such as gold and other strategic minerals are an attractive business-investment in which Latin Energy Group has important deals.

Parallel to the fossil fuels, Latin Energy Group develops BioAdditives and BioFuels, as an energy alternative, in favor of environmental preservation. We are currently promoting the development of downstream activities of Palm Oil in its various applications and versions, as well as the Biorefinery, including legislation, and the growing of Palm Oil in Colombia, in order to benefit not only the energetic market but also food, medicinal, industrial and other uses.